5 Star Equine Products

5 Star Equine Products, Inc. is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of the world’s finest, all-natural saddle pads and mohair cinches.

5 Star is owned and managed by Terry Moore and his family in Hatfield, Arkansas — a small community in the heart of the beautiful Ouachita Mountains in the west-central side of the state.  Our employees make up a team of dedicated, hardworking individuals who care about producing the very best product possible for our customers.

A fledgling saddle pad company was born in 1998, by Vern and Laurel Wells from Canada. It was known originally as Vern Wells Horseman products, then Wells 5 Star, and today as 5 Star Equine Products & Supplies, Inc. Although Vern’s passing soon after the company started was a difficult time, God’s providence brought the skills needed to grow the company in the shape of Mike Easton. Mike’s knowledge of wool, marketing, research, legal issues, and business development were what was needed. Mike developed 5 Star’s mission statement, and together with Laurel, they focused on procuring the finest quality materials, using the best workmanship, and providing customer service unequaled in the Equine industry. Shortly after joining their efforts for 5 Star, Mike and Laurel were married. The success of their pad inspired them to refine the design even further to improve conformation, movement, natural therapeutic comfort, strength and application.

Terry Moore bought the company in 2012, with the promise never to compromise on quality and to continue to build the finest saddle pads and cinchas in the equine world. We’re best known for our saddle pads, which are made from the highest-grade pressed industrial felt. Using nothing but 100% virgin wool, our saddle pads are developed using scientific research and intensive field testing to achieve the correct function, safety and benefit for your horse. We also manufacture a line of premium-quality cinches made from 100% mohair for ultimate comfort and a natural fit on horses, ponies and mules. Everything we make embodies the original values established by Vern and Laurel Wells back in 1998 and built upon by Mike and Laurel Easton. We’re committed to excellence in quality, craftsmanship and materials while maintaining the highest possible manufacturing standards to deliver the finest saddle blankets and cinches money can buy. And, we back our products with friendly, customer service that’s second to none. Our goal is nothing less than 110% satisfaction for both our customers and their equine partners!

Terry & Julia Moore, and Rachel Lowrey