Short Go 10 or 12?


Would you rather see 10 or 12 competitors qualify for the short go at large rodeos?

The American

Tell us about your friends who have qualified for The American this year. Where are they from, what kind of horse do they ride, what’s unique about their story?

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Barrel Racing

If you could change one thing about barrel racing, what would it be?

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Timed Events

Roping events time to the tenth, involving a flag person. Most barrel race events use a timer and go to the hundredths. Some ties occur. Should Timed events go to the thousandths? or just stay as is?

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Rodeo Ground

Barrel racers get a bad rap for complaining too much about the ground.Tell us your view on ground conditions. What’s your favorite type to run on?

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Rodeo Contestants!

When at a rodeo, who do you like to watch or cheer for? Top 25, local people, friends or family competing in the rodeo? Or all of them! You just love rodeo.

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The State of Rodeo

What do you think about Rodeo. Do you like the current PRCA/WPRA Format? What do you think about RFD-TV’s The American? What do you think about the new Elite Rodeo Association?

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Helmets vs Western Hats

Do you prefer rodeo contestants be required to wear western hats or have the choice to wear a protective helmet?

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Coming Soon

Hot Topic posts coming soon!

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Kids benefit from retired horses

Vickie Herring has a passion for horses.

“I grew up in Philomath, Oregon, and was riding horses since I could walk,” she recalled. “My dad was a bull rider and my mom a rodeo queen,” Herring said. I really enjoyed gymkania, like barrel racing and being in rodeos when I was younger.”

Her passion for horses developed from a hobby into a livelihood – and eventually to a commitment to protect them. She once rescued 265 horses bound for slaughter in Canada.

Herring is the livestock manager for R&B Ranch. READ MORE

retired horse

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