Rodeo Ground

Barrel racers get a bad rap for complaining too much about the ground.Tell us your view on ground conditions. What’s your favorite type to run on?


  • Michelle Reply

    I try to never complain about the ground… It just is what it is, and every competitor in that race has to run on the same ground. “Suck it up, Buttercup! “

  • sharra Reply

    Loam is the best to run on. It can be fast, hold consistent throughtout a whole race. Allow contestants win from top all the way through bottom of the ground.

  • Misti Reply

    We all like good ground. But one barrel racers opinion of good ground is different than another barrel racer. My personal opinion is… No one is forcing you to enter the barrel race or rodeo. Go checkout the ground before you enter or run. If you don’t like it, don’t enter or draw out. If every competitor had to work behind the seems as an event producer, the number of complaints would decrease drastically.

  • diane Reply

    It would be safer & more fair if rodeos would groom more often or hand rake at the barrels quickly after five … I know it slows the perf, but my daughter’s horse just fell because she was on the bottom of the ground, a bit scary!

  • Chris Reply

    As a producer I know the ground can be a nightmare but most of the time it just takes a bit more time before the rodeo starts to get the ground the best it can be-some arenas will never have “good” ground. As a contestant and contestant mom the lack of care that some producers have for the ground is annoying. Yes, if you do not like the ground you always have the right to draw out but what if it is something like High School rodeo where you are trying to make it to state and do not have that luxury. A lot of money and time is put into these horses then have them out several months due to a tendon injury after a fall. The coin rolls both ways. Producers take the time to do what you can for the ground and contestants be aware of what you are running on.

  • Raman Reply

    I teach the AARP’s Driver Safety classes in Morris and when we talk about bikes, the bisgget complaints are that bike riders ignore the stop signs in town, ride the wrong way on our one-way street in Morris, ride on the wrong side of the street, etc. I think we need to institute a campaign to rectify this behavior.Secondly, I do think that there is a need for a place where we can secure our bikes downtown Morris. Several years ago I had a bike stolen from the back of one of the buildings on main street, I reported it to the Morris Police and the bike was never found.I will be willing to help in whatever way I can. I think biking is the best way to get around Morris. University to downtown Morris in 3 minutes, pollution free!

    • Flora Reply

      Short, sweet, to the point, FR-teExacEly as information should be!

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    • Sherry Reply

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  • car insurance quotes Reply

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  • car insurance Reply

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