The State of Rodeo

What do you think about Rodeo. Do you like the current PRCA/WPRA Format? What do you think about RFD-TV’s The American? What do you think about the new Elite Rodeo Association?


  • Sharon Steelhammer Reply

    its sad that women’s rough stock is no longeri included in women’s Rodeo

  • Autumn Reply

    I think that the American is amazing, since it doesn’t label genders. Personally I would like to see women team roping at the NFR, because in high school rodeo, junior high rodeo, and little britches rodeo they allow girls to compete against the guys. It would be so cool to watch Lari Dee Guy go to the NFR and whoop up on all these guys. I think it would also be cool for women rough stock riders go to the NFR and win a round.

    • Hayden Todd Reply

      Actually women can rope in the prca, there’s no rule against it. It’s completely possible for a woman to make the WNFR but it’s difficult to keep partners and since it’s a team event you have to have a partner in order to compete. The PRCA has no rule against women, it tends to be the women themselves or the other competitors that don’t pursue it.

  • Greg Hamilton Reply

    ERA; don’t believe it’s necessary. The WNFR is already the Elite, a new ERA is just gonna dilute the WNFR and take some of the great rodeos from those trying to get to the NFR and make them only for the “elite”… It’s every cowboy or cowgirls dream to make the NFR, let’s keep that tradition.

  • Heidi Reply

    I love the American because it epitomizes the American Dream and allows talented competitors a chance even if they can’t spend the rodeo season on the road. I also like it because there are no gender barriers. On the west coast, men are not allowed in barrel races. I discussed this with the Senior Pro Rodeo Assn. I wanted to get some sanctioned events where I live and ride. They told me it was ‘Ladies Barrel Racing’, and my friend, a man, that sold me my horse and got me into barrel racing wouldn’t be allowed. That is gender discrimination. I don’t mind the WPRA, but I believe men should be able to qualify for barrel racing at the NFR. I also believe women should be allowed to go for the NFR in the other events besides barrel racing.

    I’m not sure about the Elite Rodeo Assn. I don’t know much about it. I’ve read other comments and can see how it could dilute the WPRA/PRCA. However, I also see it as more opportunities for contestants. The PBR hasn’t taken away from the PRCA.

  • Debra Dale Reply

    It’s so sad that gender, race, religion , etc. Still have an influence on so many activities and other things that should be open for anyone . Horse show rules have changed so much nobody is hardly interested in it anymore , and it was one of the fun family activities we did every weekend when my boys were 3-4 years old. They were involved in those game shows until they were adults , my youngest son still barrel races when he has time. They’re also changing rules and eliminating games ,they say are not safe. It’s ridiculous and no longer fun for kids or adults . I miss the old days so much ☺

  • Billie Reply

    I think it would be great if all these associations could come together into one new one.why have prca and wpra make one that has all events for both male and female. Personally I would like to see breakaway roping become part of the prca

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